An evil plan to
do more good.

On 11.11.11 (and quite possibly at 11:11am) we began our mission to inspire, produce and support ideas that generate positive social change. So far, things have been going rather well. Long may that continue. If only to prove how auspicious all those ‘ones’ really are.

And speaking of numbers, this is our goal:

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In 3 years, we will create 30 ideas that positively impact 30 million people. It’s lofty, sure. But we believe 300% that it’s possible.

What we do

We create sustainable enterprises that are either funded or sponsored (e.g haven.ly, subtractstore.com, mewe.is) to help solve social issues and run on the revenue they generate.

We offer strategy, design and communication services, web and mobile development, hack days…anything aimed at transforming lives for the better, actually.

We run bespoke idea labs that help brands and organisations find the most interesting ways to do well, by doing good.

Rob Martin Murphy

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Valli Lakshmanan

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Ashwin Patel

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