Start Me Up

A dedicated service that helps startups avoid brand identity disasters.



A mobile app that allows people to poll their social network and have the results published as a beautiful infographic.



An online thrift store that uses a reverse auction mechanic via tweets on behalf of social causes.



An online platform for travellers who want a holiday that matters.


The Academy of Awesome

Gives students practical skills that inspire 
them to start/create great things and offers them micro-loans to make it all happen.



An online platform that enables anyone to order an authentic home cooked meal from their local area.



Home is the name of the Not For Sale catering project in Amsterdam. Currently, the project is providing women working in the red light district with nutritious homemade soup. 

The project will then expand to train female survivors of human trafficking as chefs (to make the soup and bread) and a Home kitchen/community space will be created to provide a safe haven where women can share a meal before or after work. Not For Sale will also offer other survivors of exploitation the opportunity to join a job skill training program in culinary arts and catering.

The plan is to scale operations to sell Home soup through HEMA superstores (nearly 600 stores in the Netherlands, Belgium and France), creating a sustainable social enterprise to help break the cycle of human trafficking.

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Change for Change Social Money Box

What every good coin-collecting cause needs – a money box with special powers. Know a thing or two about making those? Then message us at the link below. We’d love to hear from you.

Change for Change

Loose change. It tends to pile up a bit, doesn’t it? And more often than not, it just sits there waiting for you to do something with it. Which probably means it just sits there some more.

If that is the case, you might be interested in joining Change For Change. It’s a project that encourages you to collect your unused/unloved coins then put them to better use by helping to fund great social causes.

Right now, all money collected will go to supporting education programs in vulnerable communities.

For details on how to participate and more information on the positive change your change can create,

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Hack Forth & Multiply

In February 2012 our first Hack Forth & Multiply took place, giving designers from around the world the opportunity to work on a ‘live’ brief for a catering project being piloted by Not For Sale in Amsterdam.

The project is set up to provide healthy soup and bread for women working in the heart of the red light district. The project also aims to train female victims of human trafficking as chefs (to make the soup and bread), create a community space for women working in the district, and then build a sustainable social enterprise by selling the soup throughout HEMA superstores. 

The brief was simple. Designers were tasked to name and create the brand identity for the project. All in a day’s work.

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